The International Guide to Fine Wines

Last Updated: May 6, 2019

Writer and Publisher: Orley Ashenfelter
Managing Editor: David Ashmore
Design & Production: Susan Ashmore
Chicago Correspondent: Robert LaLonde, recently deceased. An obituary will appear later in these pages.
European Correspondent: Suzanne LaLonde
Science Advisor: Dr. James O'Donnell

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The most recent back issue, Issue No.14, contains: (1) A Detailed Evaluation of 1997, 1998 and Earlier Red Bordeaux Vintages; (2) Auction House Turmoil: Where to Buy and Where to Sell; (3) Hot New California Cabernets Challenge the Establishment.

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What is new on this page? Reports 209 through 218 have recently been added, as have Book Reviews 9 and 10. An obituary for our friend Dwight Jaffee was added as Feature 7 in the "Features" section. In addition, we have discovered some very old wine tasting notes that were prepared in the early days of WINETASTER®. All those report that were complete or could be reconstructed have now been added to the tasting reports. Click on Tasting Reports and read the new Preamble to see how they are arranged on the website. In addition, we have introduced an Index to all the wines. Click on Index of Wines in the Table of Contents. The new Index indexes all the wines ever tasted and provides links to all the reports in which they are mentioned. Finally, a new report was added under "Vineyard Reviews."

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